I  can offer your Rabbits and Guinea pigs a safe experienced home whilst you are on holiday.

I can offer over 40 years experience in care of rabbits, guinea pigs and other small rodents.

Rabbits will stay in purpose built accommodation with outdoor runs for warmer days.

They can have free run of the shed all day or go outside in a large run to enjoy the fresh grass.

 The cages are 6 ft x 3 ft   which open on to the shed floor where they can have free run daily.

These cages are large enough to accommodate a pair of rabbits.

House Rabbits can stay in carpeted hutches with blankets for over night.

 FOR THIS SEASON.- see gallery page

Guinea pigs can be boarded in smaller 4ft cages and can go out into a secure run to enjoy the grass.

Small caged Birds can also be accommodated but must have a portable cage

BOARDING  FOR ALL SMALL ANIMALS IS  ONLY £7.50 per cage per day.

All bedding ,food bowls, water bottles and green food provided. You only need to bring your pet and it' s dried food.

 Bathing and Nail cutting service

I can cut rabbit and guinea pig nails in your home  £7.50 per visit.

Bathing of rabbits with soiled bottoms £15.00.

Bath and hair cut for long haired guinea pigs.£15.00


To see photos of where your pet will be staying click the link below

LYNN NORMAN                       07529456495   lynnpetsaway@gmail.com 

20 Grafton Gardens ,Sompting ,West Sussex BN15 9SP
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